The Phantom Self
and a tender heart

A ‘phantom’ is a figment of the imagination, an illusion in reality. We have an imaginary friend called my self; it entertains us and we take it seriously as it’s with us all the time. Unfortunately, being occupied by this phantom, we constantly forget that it’s not real. There is, however, observation taking place that is not part of this illusion. That observation is consciousness, observing without an observer.

This phantom self is a composition of components that can be rearranged, and can therefore be manipulated by outer forces in order to entertain and distract us.

Having a tender heart – compassion – for this mischievous friend, our phantom self, needs realisation of the higher teachings. We have to understand how this self was created, and how it is maintained. And then we can address others’ mischievous friends! 😀

It’s all very well to say that we must have compassion and a tender heart for everyone, but that’s not so easy, is it? Genuine realisation is the key, and so we first start with our self.

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