Is God Hidden In Belief?

If we question our beliefs
– the psychological arisings in the mind –
we may realise the reality of freedom itself.

The battlefield of the imagination has no reality.

The age-old subject of evaluating what life is actually about is the birthright of every person, rather than just following the crowd. We do not have to be told what life is about; we can actually see it for ourselves, with a little help from good company.

What is ultimate reality? What created both phenomena and sentient beings? Was it natural evolution? An act of God? Or, have matter and conscious beings always existed within infinite space? Do these constantly change due to circumstances?

Are humans beings the end product, or is there further to go? What is consciousness that is beyond thoughts and matter? You can see these are a huge questions, and each its advocates.

Could it be that the desirous consciousness was attracted certain forms, driven by karma – the results of previous activities? This is the Buddhist view: whatever is known is by virtue of consciousness in the moment now, where even consciousness does not exist.

We are free to believe whatever we want, but we can also look at the evidence for ourselves.

Humans are great creators. We bend nature and we encourage nature, because we have desire. All creatures are creators, building homes, finding food and procreating. Humans are just more indulgent!

We can see that everything is created by causes and conditions, mainly based on desire or attraction. Unconscious consciousness desires, and so creates and manifests – and suffers the consequences. Unconscious consciousness is consciousness that is unaware of its own reality, and so clings to beliefs.

Whatever conclusion we are attracted to, this could only come about due to consciousness. It is pure consciousness that sees clearly and realises that everything is known by virtue of consciousness. That is the one truth. That is the evidence.

What is the reality of God?

Is it possible that reality is disguised within our imagination? Is belief a design by others? How could that happen? If we do not realise the core of our own reality – which is uncontaminated consciousness – but rather, adhere to a belief (a design), then how can we know anything else, let alone what God is?

God cannot be what we think, as that is far too limited. God has to be beyond ordinary, human thought, so it is not unreasonable to suggest that God is beyond ordinary human understanding, so God must therefore be spiritual understanding. ‘Spiritual understanding’ is uncontaminated consciousness itself, is it not? The emptiness of emptiness. What could be more profound than that?

Belief is just rumour. The quotation comes to mind, “And the truth shall set you free.” It’s not easy to get our head around the conundrum that God is hidden in our belief.

When I was young, I believed in God, and it was sort of comforting. Then, as I went through the process of moving from one tradition to another, the word ‘God’ changed to ‘almighty’, ‘absolute’, ‘supreme’, ‘ultimate’, ’emptiness’, but now I see God as spontaneous presence of pure consciousness – my own essential nature, although I have every sympathy with a belief in God. I am it whom I seek (with a few distraction of course! 😀 )

This is the divinity in all sentient beings. That is the big secret, and not what the rumours suggest – that the secret is outside our essential nature. All that does is make us vulnerable, defensive and argumentative, and separates us from one another. What is the point of that? Love – not hatred of others – is our true nature, although others may be challenging at times!

The point of realising the potential of our true nature means being free of deceit and projections. In realisation, there is no belief, but instead, a direct knowingness.

Perhaps there are those who do not want humanity to be so free. It only needs a small percentage of humanity to believe in something in order to control the rest, who are too busy arguing against the few to see that they they are being played. Are there social experiments going on all over the world, testing how far people can be squeezed? Some very strange things are going on, aren’t they?

Has belief always been a tool to confound people?

We all know that there are those who want to rule and maintain that rule, generation after generation. To maintain this control, people cannot be allowed to know that they are already free, and so, beliefs and imagery were created to deceive. It’s extremely subtle. We can easily see how societies are being manipulated day after day through allegations and a twisting of the truth.

We need our assumptions and beliefs to be provoked in order to review whatever controls our life. We should question what we believe, and why we believe it. As long as we stay in a belief, we may not experience the actual reality of the nature of pure consciousness. After all, isn’t it that pure consciousness the very thing that is conscious of our beliefs? Consciousness is our primary source.

What if belief is a deception device – an antidote to knowing? Deception is the art of war and has been used for thousands of years to gain victory. Knowledge is neutral: it all depends on who is using this knowledge and why; gunppowder can create beautiful fireworks, or it can kill people.

The Art Of War is the art of deception, attributed to the ancient Chinese military strategist Sun Tzu 545 – 470 BC, “If you know both yourself and your enemy, you can win numerous battles without jeopardy. All warfare is based on deception.” “When using our forces, we must appear inactive. When we are near, we must make the enemy believe we are far away.”

Sun Tzu lived at the same time as the Buddha.

All wars are spiritual wars, as they are wars on humanity. People have to be convinced that a war is necessary, and so propaganda has to take place. Wars are between those who want power, and those who believe they have no power – the ordinary people. It is the ordinary people who will die, hence the outcomes is always a war on humanity.

The beliefs of having power and not having power are deluded. The real power is in spiritual freedom rather than in imaginary beliefs. The game of deception is between those who believe that they have the right to rule others, and those who do not know they are being ruled.

If we believe that we have no power, then we are deceiving ourselves. Our power lies not in believing but in knowing.

Remember; “The truth shall set you free”. Only the absolute truth shall set us free. As long as we believe and do not know, we are bound by ideas placed in our imagination. Where did all our thoughts come from?

What is this truth? It is seeing for ourselves. That ‘seeing’ is consciousness. The realisation of consciousness can only be done by knowing that consciousness is our primary source – in other words, God, the divine within us all. Once we know that, then we are free of deceptions and mere belief. We are it whom we seek. We always have been.

Sun Tzu said, “If you know both yourself and your enemy, you can win numerous battles without jeopardy.” This is pure Dharma teaching! If we know our true nature of pure consciousness, we will know our enemy, which is everything that obscures that pure consciousness in our own minds. Knowing wins all battles without jeopardy. The Dharma teachings shows us how to be liberated in ‘God’ consciousness, which is divine, godlike consciousness.

It is a battle between believers and non-believers. Believers want non-believers to believe, which is crazy, and creates wars … “You have to imagine what I imagine!” History shows us how religion can be turned into evil, and used against others.

Can you see how difficult it is to be free from this
Absolute truth is outside the box.
Whatever you name you want to give it,
it cannot be called anything without consciousness!

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