Is There Someone To Watch Over Me?

This is down to our personal opinion, or school of thought. Are we being watched by a God? Gods? Those who have gone before? Aliens? We can’t limit our appraisal, can we? 🙂

As a Dzogchen student – pure awareness or pure consciousness of spontaneous presence – is the key to realisation, but my introduction to Tibetan Buddhism was Varjrayana – deity practice. I still do deity practice; it’s called hedging one’s bets! 😀

We supplicate deities (I have thirteen) for which we have received empowerments. These deities symbolise certain attributes that reflect part of our nature, and we pray for blessings. Is this real? Is it psychological? Again, this is up to each individual.

The important thing here is the effect that this has, and whether it goes beyond just a belief. There has to be some degree of belief involved but, to sustain us, we need evidence. We create a ‘merit field’ through our altruistic actions, but really it all comes down to having a good heart in the face of adversity and confusion. Like attracts like. Smile and there is a response. We all receive blessings of some sort that inspire us.

We ‘dumb’ creatures can watch over others, and we don’t have to know any Dharma. The real Dharma is a good heart. This video is touching (maybe turn down the music), and the good heart is obvious.

Are we all potential conduits, when open at the right time?

Of course, the inverse is also available to us;
we can attract dark blessings if it’s true that like attracts like.

Compassionate consciousness is the nature of all sentient beings,
but some of us find it a struggle to express this.

The evidence is that, when seeing a good heart in action,
we know and we recognise,
and the tears well up.

Seeing is the blessing.

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