How Are We Unique?

We are a mixture of pure consciousness and karma. Karma is the accumulation of habitual ideas which gives rise to re-actions. We usually express ourselves through this karmic mist. This expression or manifestation isn’t unique as it is an acquired programme to which we have consented, due to our culture and upbringing.

As humans, we are a type, a caricature – an exaggeration.

As pure consciousness, we have nothing to express, as pure consciousness is beyond description: it is also not unique as we are all pure consciousness.

So how on earth are we ‘unique’?

It is through the unity of pure consciousness and our karmic accumulations. The Buddha’s aphorism “Not too tight and not too loose” is the key to uniqueness and spontaneous presence.

We have two thought-creating bases: one is our karmic accumulations of past ideas and experiences, and the other is pure consciousness that has the altruistic wish to help others. Together, they are our uniqueness.

As an example; I write from two bases – from pure experience and teachings I’ve heard, and also from my personal, human experiences and my personal agenda. The personal agenda is the horrific state we are constantly being drawn into by propaganda of those who wish to control us by our consent. I get quite angry at this as they use Dharma principles of human frailty for their our end, and so I have these mini-explosions, mini-depressions, mini-Eurekas!, mini smiles, and mini laughs which unleash the energy of unique inspiration to express – culminating in the “Gotcha!” moment of capturing the demon.

Demonic activity doesn’t know how inspiring it is, as it leaves a trail of obvious deceptions. 😀 The demons hope that, if our brains are working either too quickly or too slowly, whatever they are doing does not register with us. Oh, the sillies! Adversity is our inspiration! The first noble truth of the Buddha is to recognise suffering! That is when the change begins!!!

Our uniqueness lies in our inspiration.

Homo sapiens – being able to evolve.
From developing language and the ability to make and use complex tools
– becoming clever humans
– becoming wise humans
– becoming laughing humans
– becoming compassionate humans.

Put it altogether = unique humans.

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1 Response to HOW ARE WE UNIQUE?

  1. tony says:

    Progress is made from conflict: it is because there is resistance between the foot and the road, we move forward. We need to get a grip!

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