The Clearer The Mind, The Clearer We Are

When we start to consider things with an open mind, we start to see things differently. As we reach one step of clarity, the next is revealed.

Religions are belief systems
This is why the Buddha said, “Don’t take my word for it; test it for yourself.” The Buddha’s words are notthe truth; they are only ideas. The experience of those same words isthe truth. Before we experienced the truth for ourselves, the Buddha’s words were merely a belief. We believedthem to be true, but we did not know. It’s nice to know!

Intelligence versus belief
Intelligence does not want to believe anything. It wants to know. If we merely believe, then we forsake intelligence. When we see, our beliefs fall apart.

Belief is living in the illusion, the dream, the hope … the hoax.
Intelligence is waking up to our potential.

Ecstasy is simplicity itself
Ecstasy– via late Latin from Greek ekstasis: ‘standing outside oneself’.
There are many ways of expressing this, but it is definitely not an ‘wondrous’ exaggeration.

Standing outside oneself is merely pure consciousness, free of self in the moment of seeing. It’s a relief from the persona and world that we believed in.

Actually, ecstasy is more common than we think. A recognition of kindness, a genuine smile, an innocent communication with another human or animal, a recognition, an open moment of the senses, a transcendence, an instant of happy-for-no-reason, love, the moment that self melts away …

Ecstasy is nothing special. All we are is ecstasy – consciousness outside a self. Ecstasy is the truth. If we become euphoric – which is an intense state – about ecstasy, self returns. This is the moment ego was created: it got too excited about being 😀

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