Attacked By Evil Spirits

This seems to happen to spiritual practitioners in particular: when we start to meditate, our mind seems to be getting worse. It’s not – we’re just noticing more. This is merely a conflict with old, cluttered mind and the spontaneous presence of pure consciousness. Most people are unaware of ordinary consciousness – let alone pure consciousness – so they seem to have no problems, and just follow whatever their programmed mind dictates.

There are times when spiritual seekers seem to have a troubled mind: doubt, frustration, depression, anger and self hatred arise: even though we are aware of the antidotes of compassion, generosity, patience, discipline and concentration, we just cannot shake this confusion off. These demonic attacks could occur when in we’re isolation or, more generally, as a reaction to someone else. We – and they – get very hot under the collar.

To be honest, there aren’t many people we can turn to about this, are there? It is we who have to deal with it.

Everything seems to blow up emotionally, and a residue of smouldering is left unresolved. There is nothing one can do or say to put it right. It’s a karmic thing – ideas held in the mind that come to the surface at the ‘right’ time. 😀

We can try to apply the conventional approaches of love, compassion, generosity, patience, discipline and concentration, but none of these work because wisdomis not in the equation: it has been forgotten.

All through this unpleasant upheaval of chaos and confusion, pure consciousness is ever present, just watching, just seeing. That ‘seeing’ is the wisdom – the absolute approach – when we remember that we are ‘free in the moment of seeing’. The feelings do not go away immediately; we still have to ‘suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune’, but the situation loosens. All we need is a spacious atmosphere as all things must pass.

Unfortunately, we tend to hold on to these feelings. This is storing karma for the next encounter; we are sentenced to experience the same scenario again and again. Karma comes not only from ignorance of our true nature, but also from early traumas in life.

We are not born with self-hatred. As we grow, our minds become more sophisticated. We become ambitious and desire, and then desire becomes unrealistic and never materialises: that’s how self hatred develops. We should investigate how this self hatred came about.” – The Dalai Lama

Whatever takes place, takes place in pure consciousness, which just sits and wait for us to see. A bit like God 🙂 That seeing is God-consciousness. The truth is within and without – the unity of two truths of relative and absolute.

Of course, if others are touched by evil spirits … stand clear, because they may have a gun or a taser.

In reality, an evil spirit is our guide and teacher, showing us our weaknesses. When we are honest and admit, we are ‘free in the moment of seeing’.

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