Make Do And Mend = Dharma

We accept (make do) whatever karma brings our way.
We heal (mend) that karma by not clinging to it.

This view is the enlightened attitude,
and the very happiness we seek.

Make do and mend addresses and heals our mental dissatisfaction.

Make do and mend: manage with and repair “what one already has” rather than looking for and buying replacements.

“What one already has” is our confusion which created our own karma: as such, it is our spiritual path, which is the cloud in front of us. Our spiritual practiceis identifying and bring an end to confusion and suffering, demystifying the cloud.

Karma: The residue of causes and effects, which creates further causes and effects. This maintains our confusion – the accumulation of ideas to which we cling – which drives our reactions and has an effect on our physical world.

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