Beyond Boundaries

Taking time out of our programme.
Programme = before written = karma
Who wrote and consented to the programme?
We did.

When we look at our life, we find that it has a pattern to it, and so has our behaviour. We acquired a programme that was written by our likes and dislikes. When it is allowed to run, it saps our precious energy for the potential of enlightenment to occur. As a result, we have no time to think clearly.

We need a short break in this pattern of behaviour, don’t we? So just sit for a moment; do nothing and be aware. Just be aware. The senses are naturally wide open to experience – just the one taste of experience, neither liking nor disliking. Feel the facial muscles relax. It only takes a moment.

What a relief. So try it again.

We may find, “I can’t do that! I’m busy!’ This is because the programme has taken us over. Isn’t that scary? This is, in fact, our wonderful moment of enlightenment. We are free in the moment of seeing! We have just meditated!

What a relief. So try it again.

Can we make a habit of coming out of the programming, and enjoying the relief? Certainly. We need to break the meditation. When we meditate, we are in a duality – ‘me’ and the ‘good feeling’. It is said that nobody became enlightened by meditating: enlightenment only occurs when we drop the meditation.

When we stop meditating, there is a moment of non-duality. The realisation of pure consciousness. Truly doing nothing. As Tulku Urgyen advised “short moments, many times”. Everything just drops away – even the meditation. In a meditation session, we may try too hard; when the session ends, a sense of relief from not having to do anything arises. That is the emptiness of pure reality.

Of course, the madness of the programming starts to run again, but gradually we become familiar with this process, and everything seems to loosen. We unbind, and relax naturally. We slow down, enjoy life and become more efficient. We have gone beyond our boundaries.

What a relief. So try it again.

It only takes a moment.
Free in the moment of seeing.

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  1. Tom says:

    … in meditation – In the beginning I rest als “sentient beeing”, as a “man”, as a “thinker” and then it´s like an ice cube melting in water. Awareness recognize Awareness. Something beyond: gender, nationality and even human culture is looking and knowing. A few years ago I´ve heard a zen master saying: “Do you know, what´s the biggest problem with “my” students? – They can´t accept themselves as living buddhas”. Can you visit the realm before you were born a a human beeing? What is “my” “original” face before I was born?

    • tony says:

      Hello Tom,
      In infinite time and space we have always been pure consciousness, but unaware of this. In an infinite universe there are infinite beings wandering around looking for happiness.

      As infinite beings everyone has been our mother, and everyone has run off with our digital watch! 😀

      There are however Bodhisattvas who reach those higher realms, that choose to come to Earth or wherever needed, for the benefit of others.

      We may not be true Bodhisattvas but we do have a deep longing and understanding, so
      we have gone though this before. It seems natural.

      Maybe we had a glimpse of those higher realms in the Bardo. Being here now, is being here at the right time.

      The world is becoming more and more chaotic and suffering. This means we are becoming clearer!


    • tony says:

      The Devil (ordinary ego of clinging to likes and dislikes) knows that we are already free, that’s why demonic activity tries to cause trouble and disturb us.

      spiritual practitioners seem to be particularly tasty beings!

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