There’s No I?
That’s confusing – and little upsetting – isn’t it?

Here, we have to tread the path of the middle way – not too tight and not too loose. Saying there is no I does not mean that you do not exist; that would be daft. But we do not exist in the way in which we see ourselves. We form a view of ourselves via reflections in the mind, while ignoring that which is seeing. This same mistake we all make … shocking isn’t it?

We also see ourselves in the light of a ‘social I’, whereby people respond to us and we bounce off that reflection, creating an association.

The mind has been fed ideas generation after generation, and we have come to believe that these ideas are us. That has been our reality for a very long time. Can you see the duality and confusion so created? It’s like going the the cinema; we believe in the pictures and react to them, but it’s all an illusion with sugary drinks and pop corn. Illusionists make money out from us believing in a virtual reality.

We are actually consciousness. Within that is pure consciousness, which has neither name nor description, and is empty of bias or distortion.There is no viewer, but just the view. If consciousness gets caught up in a viewer, this gives rise to an I: we relate to the view and make judgements, and this creates our illusory reality. Whatever is viewed is temporary as it comes and goes, while the viewing does not change.

Still confused – and maybe a little upset?
We were born into a cinema full of people who believe what they see to be reality, just like Plato’s shadow people in the cave. Stopping and taking a good look at what has been happening, we realise that we have been living within others’ projections.

Are you now very confused and upset? 😀
It can all be a bit of a shock. The closer we look, the worse it gets. The better our understanding, the happier we are, as we no longer believe in others’ caves!

I’ve been engaged on this investigation for fifty years, and it’s still a shock! The shock is that people do not realise their potential. Why is this? There is evil all around, causing us to believe in virtual reality in a digital cave – and you don’t have to be religious to realise this.

The ‘I’ is now just an empathy-tool.

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