What Is This Evil In Our World?

What is this evil in our world?
It’s us!
What is this goodness in our world?
It’s us!

We have two potentials: enlightenment and endarkenment. Simply put, we all have a dark side of impure consciousness, and a light side of pure consciousness. Selfishness and selflessness. Most of us dwell in the middle, confused.

Universal knowledge is neutral, but may be used to deliberate ends.

On the edges of society, there are those who are endowed with empathy who are genuinely working towards enlightenment and the benefit of all sentient beings. There are also those lacking in empathy, who work towards their own personal gain and cause suffering to others

Both ends of the spectrum use this universal knowledge deliberately.

Those of us in the middle have become indifferent to what is going on: we ignore our intuition, and turn a blind eye to subtle, seductive influences. That which is evil works – in a subtle way – towards keeping our eyes closed. That which is enlightened works – in a subtle way – towards opening them.

If we are looking for the evil in this world, we must first look at our own ignore-ance.

In this period of world history, we are allowing the dark side to take hold. The balance will change when people wake up to reality, as opposed to the seemingreality.

“But what about those evil globalists?”

We consent to their activities because we fall for their glittering, digital trinkets. We rely on others for our salvation, rather than looking within. Our bodies are manipulated, our brains are manipulated, our consciousness is manipulated. If we live in Plato’s shadow cave, then we live a lie, and are deceived.

Both the enlightened and the endarkened know about the human frailties of desire, aversion and indifference. This is the law of the universe – attraction, repulsion and inertia.

The only difference is that the enlightened know emptiness and the endarkened do not. Emptiness has to be experienced: only then we can do no evil, Evil cannot understand emptiness because, in emptiness, there is nothing to gain.

Come out of the dark and into the light.
The view is fine.


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  1. tony says:

    There is exoteric knowledge and esoteric knowledge.

    Esoteric: intended for or likely to be understood by only a small number of people with a specialized knowledge or interest.

    Exoteric: intended for or likely to be understood by the general public.

  2. Ramanand the Wanderer says:

    You share with much clarity. A pleasure to see wisdom exposed in such a simple, straightforward way.

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