If Phenomena Were Real

It takes time to get one’s head around this!

If all phenomena were real,
then phenomena would be permanent, andnever change.
Everything would be frozen.

If phenomena changes,
then phenomena has no permanent reality
and so,
all of creation is an illusion.
Why would anyone create an illusion?

It takes time to get one’s head around this,
as it is significant in teaching us what, in fact, reality is.

We act as if everything is real, important, and everlasting.
We become attached,
and then upset when that phenomena is taken away,
or proven to be an illusion.

We value love, don’t we?
But is that love or is that clinging desire?
Is it more for our benefit
than for the benefit of another?

True love does not cling.
True love is detached
because it wants nothing in return.
Love isn’t 50/50; it’s 100%

True love is only in the moment now, and does not linger.
If it lingers, it turns into emotions and suffering – and even hatred.
All this because we think things are real!

In truth, reality is that which sees, recognises and realises
the reality within us all,
and that is the timeless reality of pure consciousness.

Love is carefree.
It is dropped at every moment
for the next moment of love to be fresh, without residue.

That’s the real thing!

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  1. marcel says:

    “Love is carefree.
    It is dropped at every moment
    for the next moment of love to be fresh, without residue.”

    Hello Tony,

    Thanks for your post, which is triggering the following question: Does a method exist to drop the clinging instantly.

    Meditation is probably the answer.., but, is there a more direct technique to cut-through, which can be used in the moment itself. I see Tibetan lama’s sometimes blink with their eyes as if they are resetting/purging the mind on the spot, but I’m not sure if this has something to do with that. Relax, and have confidance in the moment off course, but just in case of :-), how do we detect, on the spot, that we are getting carried away? There might also be a link with Togal and Trekcho practices.. Thanks a lot.

    Best regards, Marcel.

    • tony says:

      Hello Marcel,
      Nice to chat.

      The method is instantaneous….
      …the moment of recognition.

      The very moment of recognition of clinging or holding a bit too long, is the cutting through -trekcho, that drops us into spontaneous
      presence – Togal – the brightness of seeing clearly reflected in the five wisdoms or Buddha families.

      I used to think that Tibetan lamas were aliens too! 😀

      Maybe they are bringing their lung (pronounced loong) down. It does clear the eyes. When our eyes feel tired the lung practice seems to make them a little more watery. It takes the tension away.

      How do we detect on the spot that we are getting carried away?
      It just happens, the more familiar with this process the more we recognise. The moment we recognise we have forgotten…we remember! We don’t have to do anything.

      kind regards

  2. marcel says:

    simply beautifull..


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