The Power Of Emptiness

It is in the power of the realisation of emptiness that the dualistic patterns of consciousness cease to be able to function.

Without the realisation of emptiness, consciousness will continue to express itself, but in a frozen way, a dualistic way.

With realisation of the clarity of emptiness, no residue is left: everything that arises in the mind is liberated, without any attachment.

The substitute for emptiness is ego – the sense of I – where an automatic programming comes into play at every moment, controlled by dualistic reactions that have been stored in our memory.

Without the realisation of emptiness, there can be no freedom, because dualism means that the mind is focusing on ‘something else’ to which it reacts, creating further karmic memories which imprison us and limit our experience.

With the realisation of emptiness, karma can’t be reinforced because, in order for karma to be created, there needs to have been a reaction.

Karma is our programming: it is something pre-written. When we do not merely react, our karmic load is emptying. We still have memories, but now they do not govern or control us.

Can you see the danger in this knowledge?

The enlightened will see this as the path to freedom.
The endarkened will see this as the path to denying freedom to others
by overloading their minds so that they remain imprisoned.

Do you think that is possible?
Sitting on the wall is not an option.

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