We Are All Unique

We may all be pure consciousness, but we are all wired differently (due to karma) and so, we express differently. Even though we may be pure consciousness, we don’t all co-mingle into one huge mass (although maybe the Buddha, Christ, Krishna and other enlightened beings sit and smile together as there’s nothing to talk about … who knows. 🙂

As humans here on Earth, we have a unique expression: this may manifest in a frozen way or a fresh, juicy way. Our pattern of behaviour fixes us into a personality, and we cling to that for safety. But it’s not safe – it’s vulnerable and defensive, isn’t it? However, with the realisation of our pure nature of uncontaminated consciousness, the expression that manifests will be truly unique, and will work for the benefit of others, whereas the old brain was self-centred.

With this realisation, we may find that we are not so clingy, uptight and depressed, and we don’t have such high expectations. Now, we are freer to engage in activities because we drop them on completion in order to deal with the next appearance that occurs in the mind. When we walk, we look at the next step, rather than holding on to the one we’ve just completed. That’s how we progress, and that’s how we deplete karma.

Our expression of love changes.

Our emotions may become bigger …
and brighter …
and wiser …
and empathetic …
and compassionate …
and sad …
never lonely …
so much to care about …
My list can be summed up in one word: sadness.
My sadness was with a heavy heart, but now it’s not.

Your list will be different; your wiring will be different.
Who care wins!

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