Big Bang or Big God?

In an infinite universe of infinite space, how could one big bang suddenly decide to happen without a cause? If there was a cause, then there was something present before. Likewise, why did a God suddenly decide at a moment in infinite space and time to create one inhabitable planet?

Big bang and God have something in common: they are both said to have come out of nothing, and that is impossible. The universe is an infinite, continuous chain reaction. Every thing comes about due to causes and conditions.

There are infinite big bangs and infinite gods in an infinite universe.
If there is neither one Big Bang nor one God, what is it all about?

Big Bang or God?

From a Buddhist perspective, the big bang is the Eureka! moment: it is the realisation of the nature of consciousness. The moment when we wake up and see. That wakefulness is God. It’s all internal. It has always been internal. When Tulku Ugyen said, “We are free in the moment of seeing”, he meant that that was the moment of pure consciousness.

What is Love?

In realising the true nature of mind – pure consciousness – we realise that this is the very same nature of all sentient beings. Sadness arises because they are unaware of their true nature. That sadness is love. In infinite space, there are infinite beings, all with the potential of infinite love.

We could call that love which is within everyone, ‘God’ or ‘supreme consciousness’ – or empathetic love. The juice of life.

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