The Dragon’s Roar

The reason we turn to spiritual psychology for answers is that we desirea better life than this materialistic way of living. This desire can have one of two aspects: we either desire to know more and be happier, or we cannot stand by and see the suffering of others in the world.

Wanting a happier life – one with joy and love – and to understand the nature of mind is, of course, an excellent ideal. This is the path of desire.

The other path has the fury of a dragon’s roar, full of horror at what is happening to people. This is the path of aversion.

The path of desire is one of “All is well”. From an absolute perspective, all is well, but that is a personal realisation which does not relate to others.

The path of aversion is constant recognition that things are not right. All is not well. This makes the inner dragon roar because of the suffering that beings experience, enveloped in dark ignorance in the dungeon of existence. The dragon’s fire is knowledge light rays, fully dispelling the dark ignorance of the mind.

We need a balance of both.
But what do you think first stirred the Buddha?

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