Illuminating Darkness Can Be Depressing

When we see clearly what we and others have done and are doing with our lives, it’s bit of a shock. It can also be depressing, as we realise that love is not all around us; wae are surrounded by self-centredness. Now our true work – our evolution – begins.

We cannot change the type of world in which we live; we can only change our view of it. It is here that we need an empathetic attitude – been there, done that, regret that. Compassion is challenging.

Real love or compassion can only come about through understanding the true nature of all sentient beings, and it is for this reason that absolute bodhicitta/altruism comes before relative bodhicitta/altruism.

With relative bodhicitta/altruism, we want to do nice things for others, but there is a significant self-gratification present.

With ultimate bodhicitta/altruism, there is an understanding of the true nature of others, which is empty cognisance, or pure awareness. In that understanding, we allow space for the situation to be seen clearly, and in that clarity, we are free of any self-gratification. That’s all that is needed.

The illuminating of darkness is depressing and sad.
And that, is the real cause of love.
We no longer see through a glass darkly.

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