The Moment God Was Created

The moment God was created was the moment we became divided and enslaved, given rules and rulers.

God created everything!”
In an infinite universe of time and space, why was this planet and its inhabitants only brought into being 4.5 billion years ago?

God created Earth in a day!”
Before the earth was created, how could the length of a day be calculated?

God created man in his own image!”
Shouldn’t everyone be male then? 🙂

This planet evolved naturally through causes and conditions – the universal principles of attraction and repulsion – and so, consciousness was attracted here. Where did consciousness come from? The universe is full of consciousness. Anything that can respond to attraction and repulsion has to be conscious. This is gross consciousness. Gross consciousness evolves, feeds and creates. Gross consciousness has a karmic programme of desire.

The ancients (the ‘victorious ones’) knew that the true nature of consciousness is very subtle, pure consciousness; it is wise, empathetic consciousness, empty of bias. One without other. Beings are liberated into pure consciousness in the moment of seeing. This is liberation from gross consciousness into supreme consciousness, ‘god’ consciousness, free of hope and fear.

The truth is that we were enslaved by an idea, and have believed that idea ever since. In creating theism, we were divided from our true nature.

The Dharma is based on three principles: purity, consciousness and compassionate understanding.

Each of these principles has a corresponding, gross aspect of desire, aversion and ignorance. In planetary terms, these are attraction, repulsion and inertia.

These gross principles have been used against humanity in order to enslave it; we do this to one another and we do this to ourselves. Restrictions and limitations rule people through fears and desires, when, in reality, we have always been naturally free to discern and know whatever is harmful and whatever is beneficial.

The failure of unenlightened beings to realise their true nature was the beginning of the Kali Yuga. It is said that the Kali Yuga began approximately 5,000 years ago: it is the age of strife. Even if we do not believe in the principle of the Kali Yuga, it’s easy to see how hope and fear are imprisoning people. The Dharma is knowledge and knowledge is neutral, but it may be used either as a weapon or wisdom.

The World Is Rigged

The world is rigged
to upset us.

As long as we are upset
we can be rigged.

As long as we believe the setup
we will be upset.

Stop believing.
Stop being upset.

When we see,
that is liberation.

the rigged illusions
fade away.

When all illusions
fade into emptiness,
all that is left … is!

What is, is?

Is, is the final, knowable reality of that which is constantly true.
That is pure consciousness.
Everything else is but an illusion
that upsets the inner peace
of supreme is-ness.

We need a great shock to awaken us from this slumber to realise our true reality of purity (uncontaminated clarity), consciousness (supreme intelligence) and above all, empathetic compassion. People love to talk about love, but love can only come from the realisation that every sentient being is pure consciousness, and that we have been divided and thus separated from that.

The question, “What is the meaning of life?” has become a joke, as people believe that there is no answer. The meaning of life is knowing our true nature and that is a fulfilling life.

Start a meme,
start a fashion,
start a belief.
start an addiction …

… and stay imprisoned.







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