We Are Not A Set Of Ideas
It just seems that way.

It is the ideas -the running programme that we carry around with us – that sets us in a quagmire of limited views of what life is all about. Life is about being alive. “Of course!” we’ll say. Being alive is being fully functional, aware of our full potential, and it is that which makes life worth living. Quality of life is not measured by how much we can acquire.

We are timeless spiritual beings; extraterrestrial, intelligent, pure, unworldly, immaterial consciousness beyond limiting human ideas. That’s a lot to take on, isn’t it? We are aliens! Rather than science fiction-type aliens, we are spiritual aliens. At a higher level, we may actually seem to ‘glow’.

We are not these gross, busy bees; collecting, calculating and hoarding speculators. We are quite happy as we are, but this happiness does not come from blind faith but from knowingness itself. We naturally care, but everything depends on what we care about.

This is not to promote the Buddha or ‘Buddhism’; it is about the Buddha’s teaching on our true reality, which applies to the deepest levels of all spiritual teachings. Science is very clever in this physical world, but at its deepest levels, it comes to the same conclusion that everything is emptiness. If science can prove the Buddha’s teaching wrong then, of course, Buddhism has to change. This has not happened so far!

Buddhist teachings are about dropping our set of ideas as opposed to acquiring more. Rather than gaining certainty through what we know, we gain certainty in the knowingness itself, and are not longer stuck a mire ofmuddy concepts about our life. The raw experience of life is exhilarating and enlightening if we can realise knowingness.

Life is like going on holiday. We can enjoy it, but don’t become attached because we know that life will not last, and so we appreciate it while it does … and we don’t leave the hotel in a mess when we depart.

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