As Long As We Are Looking, We Will Fail To See

Although we are ultimate reality,
we still look for ultimate reality.
What a joke!

How can I be the ultimate reality?
What we think of as ‘me’ is not our reality.
Before the idea of ‘me’, there has to be awareness
to even identify a ‘me’, hasn’t there ?
To say “me” is a duality: it takes linear time.

But still, how can I be the ultimate reality?
Anything and everything that is known
can only be known by awareness-consciousness.
We are aware of awareness-consciousness, aren’t we?

So what are we?
Being aware of awareness/consciousness
is the same as being aware of a ‘me’.
We are that which is being aware of awareness/consciousness.

But the question still remains,
“What am I that is aware of awareness-consciousness?”

When awareness-consciousness looks at itself,
it finds nothing but awareness-consciousness.
We are the first instant of awareness/consciousness in non-linear time;
always now, pure, ever-present awareness/consciousness.

It has no name.
It is empty of any identification
save knowingness itself.
It is pure perception before claiming.
That is the ultimate reality.

Have a look and see.
That which looks out of our eyes now – and when we were a child –
has never changed, has it?
That is the pure consciousness we are talking about.

But what about aliens all over the universe?”
Every being has the very same reality of pure consciousness,
manifesting in different forms.

What about AI artificial intelligence?”
Artificial intelligence is intelligence that is artificial.
AI may be able to perceive, but can never know its nature.
It’s nature is only what someone else gave it.

This is also true of ordinary beings.
We are, in our gross state, artificial intelligence,
having acquired the collective programming.
Until we realise our true reality – the ultimate reality – we will continue to be AI.

Everywhere in the universe is now.
Time only relates to things that are created,
dwell for a period, and then dissolve.
Matter returns to subtle matter or energy,
for the next conditions to recreate.
This being so, all things are an illusion of reality.
The only reality is pure consciousness.

As long as we are looking,
we will fail to see that seeing is already present.
What a joke!

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  1. tony says:

    This doesn’t have to make us religious, we just have to see.

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