Influences In Society

As the universe is governed by the three principles of attraction, repulsion and inertia, so is the human mind and therefore, so is society. We are all subject to desire, aversion and indifference.

When walking into a room full of people, there are those to whom we are attracted, those we keep clear of and others we just don’t notice.

As individuals, we all, to some degree, manipulate, judge and ignore.

As a collective, groups also fall under these categories: there are those who manipulate, those who are averse to being manipulated, and those who are content to conform.

When it comes to society, we are talking local, international and global. This is how the world has been ruled for thousands of years: the Roman emperors were masters at manipulating the populace though ‘games’.

Manipulators believe they have the power, and their adversaries are those who question that power. Among the adversaries there are also manipulators, and that is something to be aware of, although the majority of the world’s population merely conforms to whatever it is told.

This concerns the level of consciousness.

The balance of power in the world is in manipulation of those who are indifferent, and are influenced by suggestion. The world will therefore not be changed by the naysayers, by those who oppose.

Even though this sounds like a political situation, it is actually a spiritual view because it is all about swaying consciousness. We have to be aware that everything is not as it seems. This world is not a even playing field as we are being manipulated from womb to tomb.

Freedom is seeing, understanding, knowing and realising. Then, in everything we do, we know that we have a choice. Do we react to the crowd, or realise that, by not re-acting, we are free? We have always been free – free in the moment of seeing.

The influences on society are like a catching a cold; we get influenza-ed:D
Influenza: an outbreak of an epidemic. From Italian, literally ‘influence’

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