Happiness = Healthy Immune System

“Anger and fear eat our immune system. Compassion keeps the immune system healthy. This is why peace of mind is so important through mind training to reduce anxiety.”
The Dalai Lama


Don’t take his word for it; do it!



.The more humanity trains its mind to be calm and clear, the more humanity will change for the better, and be happier. A calm and clear mind is the prerequisite for enlightenment. In fact, a constant clear and calm mind isenlightenment.This view will counteract our present circumstances where humanity is in chaos, befuddled and suffering.

It makes sense to eat natural, good food. Food is medicine after all, and the nearer that food is to its source, the better it is. It also makes sense to have a calm and clear happy mind so that we can judge whether something is beneficial or not.

So what are people fed?

Cheap, chemically-induced, processed food and violence-induced entertainment, all of which process our minds to be anxious and confused so that we do not notice everything we are digesting.

The question is why?

The Buddha said
“You are your own master!”

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