In Two Minds?

Our spiritual side – that is to say, pure consciousness – is simple to see and realise; that’s if we can become less attached to our human side. We may wonder which we are – this pure consciousness or this human encyclopedia. We are the ultimate reality of pure consciousness that has forgotten its true nature and became more interested in facts about the material world, where we think we have something to gain. This is the demonic activity of impure consciousness. We seem to be a little of both if we are honest but, in reality, impure consciousness has no reality. Troubling, isn’t it?

The good news, however, is that we can see all this by sitting quietly: how our mind works, its programming, the habitual thoughts in which we wander and how our emotions are created. This indicates that we cling to a me and mine.

We also become aware of that which is aware of all these influences in the mind. These ideas we hold onto so dearly are not our own. They are acquisitions from the collective, and are hard to shake off. We say and do things to survive, but then we want more and more, and for it never to stop. To be honest, this is insanity … demonic insanity. 😀

We have to know, first hand, that our true reality is realisation in order to see that these ideas have no reality of their own. The actual reality is the seeing, being aware, being conscious. Enlightenment is stability in this realisation, and as stability becomes more constant, so we ascend the levels to complete enlightenment. All we need to do is remain in empty awareness, deal with a situation and then return to empty awareness – spontaneous presence. This make everything new and fresh, rather than part of the habitual programming.

It’s a brave new world; a courageous new world.

So what’s the problem? Stories. Spiritual stories. To a beginner, these stories may be inspiring and capture our imagination, but they also do something else: they put a distance between where we are now and complete enlightenment. We listen to these stories of miracles and immediately see that we can’t do that! This creates a hurdle, or even a descension. We feel unworthy, not good enough, and this puts us in two minds. Yes, I can … no, I can’t …

We need determination.

The Buddha said:
“You are your own master!”

Don’t take his word for it; do it!

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