No Aliens, No God, No Cry

As long as we are led to believe in something, we will remain subject to uncertainty, vulnerability and misery. In reality, we only need to deal with that which we can see, rather than being consumed by speculation.

Enlightenment is knowing reality through seeing.

No thing has permanent reality, as everything has a beginning and an end; things come to pass. We have a choice either to realise reality, which is the wisdom of pure awareness, or become lost in theory, emotions and sentimentality.

Of course, it’s nice to believe, and believing in something can lead us to do extraordinary things, for which we might get fame, wealth and self importance. Once we accept and hold on to an idea and invest time and energy in it, it’s hard for us to let go. We become protective of our ideas, which then push us to fantasise and exaggerate – and even start battles.

Whatever appears is down to our conscious perception.
Our reality remains the same
because pure consciousness never changes.

If we should ever actually meet aliens or Gods,
our reality will remain the same.

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