Our Spiritual Reality Is Dangerously Simple

We can either realise our true nature at any moment and be free of our conceptual prison, or we can miss that very moment and stay embalmed, preserved in a ‘perfumed’, unaltered state. The balance between these two is fine, and that is why, on a subtle level, we feel uncomfortable and vulnerable.

We may enquire, “Is this thinking me, or am I something else?”

It is consciousness that is caught up in a mental illusion of an ‘I’. It thinks, “I know” when, before that, there was just knowingness – just consciousness. By the time we think “I know”, seeing and knowing have already taken place; we have arrived at a judgement, and off we go! We missed the pure seeing – the moment of indifference, the moment of clarity, the moment of pure consciousness, the moment of knowingness itself. This mistaken ‘I’ is a product of both our own ignorance and our environment, as those around us also believe in their illusory ‘I’. This illusionary ‘I’ separates us, and creates the excited madness in which we live. One of the main problems is that it is easily offended, and starts battles.

We are talking about the space for the wisdom of pure consciousness to be realised, before the excitement.

We escape the madness in the moment now, by seeing this ‘I’ at work … “There I go again!” Awareness is present before recognition. Initially, there will seem to be an element of time between awareness and recognition so first, we must see these as separate in order to be able to identify the actor. As we learn to drop our reactions, we gradually see that awareness and appearances are inseparable. Just like the moon reflected in water. Two sides that make a whole.

Will this change my life?

It actually does not matter whatever happens to us in life, beit pleasant or unpleasant. It matters not one hoot whether we are clever or dull witted. Whatever is happening to us is karmic anyway. Karma is like sitting in our room which is full of things we have acquired. We can either hold onto them, or recognise that they may no longer be useful.

We should not assume that only the ‘highborns’ will realise their true nature. Neither should we assume that being lowborn is detrimental to realisation.

Realisation is about the clarity of seeing, being aware, being conscious. The danger lies in thinking “I am being aware”, when in truth, there is only awareness. It’s extremely subtle. It is simply the moment now; spontaneous presence. The moment of indifference has a keen eye. In the moment now, there is no speculation, judgment, or memory: these come afterwards. If we latch onto these reactions, we are in danger of creating more of the same.

Clarity sees what needs to be dropped, and changes everything.

Enlightenment is not about creating:
it is about uncovering and dropping.
This can be painful.
This can be a relief.
This can be joyous.

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