Direct Teachings
get to the point

As modern people, we need to have confidence in a path that cuts through our confusion immediately, bringing an end to suffering and “setting fire” to our enlightened nature. To be practical, this path must be incorporated into our own cultural environment, as this environment is our karma and our teacher. By seeing our mental world of concepts directly, we cut through our confusion. Never forget what is seeing: it is consciousness, pure and simple.

Consciousness needs no ornamentations or complications. The Buddha’s teaching – and, in fact, any esoteric teaching – is ultimately about the natural purity of consciousness, now. That’s it. Consciousness is not something clever and special; we all have consciousness and that consciousness can realise its pure state. This is the purpose of life. It’s what it’s all about.

We gain confidence that pure consciousness is here now, rather than something to be attained in the future. Confusion arose when consciousness became muddled with judgement. That is why we suffer. We need to discern what is beneficial in any particular moment: if, however, we hold on to that discernment, that becomes part of our apparatus for forming judgements, which stifles our relationship with whatever occurs. Rather than always returning to the origin, the beginning, we hold on to a veil of ideas that clouds the present moment.

The teachings are a reminder and support in our conduct throughout daily life. It is in silent meditation that we realise our pure nature.

So what do we do now?
Do good, do no harm, and tame the mind.

May we practise the teaching,
realise the teaching
and clarify the teaching
for the benefit of all sentient beings.

The purpose of life is to be pure and simple and happy.

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