Reincarnation Or No Reincarnation?

Don’t fixate on either view.
Maybe hedge your bets…

All that matters is how we live now.
How we live now has consequences.

The last moment created this moment.
This moment effects the next moment.

We are born with recollections and instincts.
Recollections and instincts open recognition.

A point is reached where we have to choose;
follow others’ belief, or follow our instincts.

Clarify consciousness. Unclutter consciousness.
Tame consciousness through realisation.

Consciousness realised as divine joy, empty of bias,
is unconditional love.

Insight releases empathy and frees us from doubt.
We gain confidence.

Is this life a reincarnation?
We know what we already know.

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  1. Ben Naga says:

    And who’s doing all this believing anyway?

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