Reality Is Ordinary

Our true nature of pure consciousness is ordinary. It is neither special nor a mystery: to think that is to distance ourselves from our true reality. In order to realise our true nature, we do not have to be special people, clever charismatic people, robed people or holy people.

Holding on to the idea of our reality being ‘special’ merely separates us and downgrades us to feeling unworthy. All beings, throughout space and time, have the very same nature of pure consciousness, so it is ordinary. The extraordinary is the way in which we – as an individual or as a group – perverted consciousness into a self-made image, and continue to dress it up as a religion or cult.
Cult: to cultivate or worship, directed towards a particular figure or object.

Ordinary people are ordinary pure consciousness, but they just don’t realise it. They don’t realise it because of all the propaganda of elitism and distraction. We don’t need to evolve; we need to undo our precious self image. Our problem is that we have spent so much this image that we are not going to give it up so easily.

Once we recognise and realise our true nature – and that’s a piece of cake 🙂 – we just get on with our life (which is a product of karma), cutting through our habitual reactions, and thereby releasing us from that karmic pattern or programming.

Our spiritual path is the clarification of our own confusion about our self. Once we know what we’re doing we can just be happy, content and confident – and no one can control us or pull the wool over our eyes again.

Have a truly ordinary new year!

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