Reincarnation; Is It Worth The Gamble?

If we see this life as the only reality, then it doesn’t matter what we do as there are no long term consequences, unless we belong to an organisation or belief system, where we play a part in its continuity. But for us, personally, it’s the end; we just played our part, a bit like ants.

If, however, rebirth is the reality, then our intentions change, as there is a reason for our inclinations.

This will blow your mind! 😀

In the reality of reincarnation, we have had infinite rebirths: every sentient being has been our mother, and we have suffered every possible disease, given birth to a baboon, been the opposite gender, murdered everyone, had our udders milked on a distant planet … the list is infinite. We have done and been everything, and now we are here – and we shouldn’t take for granted what our next incarnation will be.

It is said that, after death when we do not have a body, our karmic wind will take us where our inclinations direct, so whatever we do now creates conditions, not only for the next moment but also for the next incarnation. Mentally, we are not all the same; some people lack empathy and cannot love, thinking only of themselves or their ‘organisation’.

We have a precious opportunity to bring an end to these futile activities which only create suffering. We have the potential to realise our true nature. We can either pave the way to a higher rebirth that is more conducive to enlightenment, or we can delay this possibility.

It’s not difficult to realise the truth, and face in the right direction: we merely have to stop chasing phantoms. When we truly consider reincarnation, everything makes sense and our direction becomes clear. There is real purpose, and life is no longer a gamble.

In reality, there is no path.

For those who do not care, there is no path
as they believe in everything they see.

For those who are realised, there is no path
as the path was our confusion and, through seeing, our confusion never existed

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