We All Need A Feeling Of Success

Life has become so diverse that we no longer have time to become an expert, or feel satisfied. We look at the world and it’s confused, and always seems to need an upgrade! We think that we have to start at the bottom and work our way up in order to be successful or to understand something. Not so; we can start at the top and know success in one instant.

In the Dzogchen tradition of spirituality, we are introduced to the ultimate truth, and life becomes fruitful and successful as we now know what it’s all about, and everything we do has a purpose. The ultimate truth isn’t something we have to work at because the ultimate truth is the reality of our very own nature.

Dzogchen is Tibetan for the direct realisation of ultimate reality of empty cognisance. This is not a practice: it’s what we are. It is consciousness that recognises that, in reality, there is nothing other than conscious awareness. That isthe reality. It doesn’t matter what happens in our life, this ultimate consciousness is always present.

The feeling of success is that we now know and see. We see what others do not: they may have money, power, intellect, and a lofty view of themselves, but their consciousness is lost in favour of their acquisitions. We see that their happiness is reliant on conditions, and for them, we have compassion: for those who are unhappy, we have empathy.

All the suffering we have ever experienced adds to our ability to be empathetic and compassionate because we know how it feels. Do you see how powerful you are? We no longer react in the same way as others, and all we have to do is remember our ultimate reality of empty cognisance.

With this understanding comes genuine confidence and self appreciation. This isn’t being proud of oneself: we merely appreciate our bundle of confusion and inadequacy … I just think, β€œWell, it’s not much to hold onto anyway!” πŸ˜€

The point of meditation is that we become more familiar with this natural emptiness. Thoughts and emotions seem to get worse, but the truth is that we are noticing more.

Thoughts and wisdom arise simultaneously:
we are therefore free in the moment of seeing.

That is the real success, and our life has become worthwhile.

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  1. smilecalm says:

    i find this post
    really succeeds πŸ™‚

  2. So you are saying that our awareness of life is all there is? I appreciate the concept as when we die,our thoughts and our memories are all that we really have. But surely living about gaining experience that helps our spiritual self to grow, and that it is not such a matter of what happens isn’t important but more how we understand it is important?

    • tony says:

      Hello Gavin,

      You are right; how we understand is important. Understanding is an intellectual analysis of experience.

      The experience comes first; then, we (pure awareness or consciousness) become aware of experiencing, and then we try to explain it. Different traditions describe this differently.

      In the very first instant of experience, there is neither experiencer nor thing experienced. They come a moment after, when we reflect and understand.

      On a conventional level it is important what happens, as we have to discern what is beneficial and what isn’t, because we need to right conditions to pursue our goal, whatever that is.

      On the ultimate consciousness level before conventional thought steps in, there is just awareness, pure awareness. Here there is no judgement, but just pure experience. It is then that discernment can take place.

      Our spiritual growth is uncovering the confusion and doubt our being. Our spiritual self is pure consciousness, that is the only constant. all we have to do is recognise this. When we understand, we see that everything else is just impermanent phenomena.

      However, we can use this impermanent phenomena to benefit or make the atmosphere around us more conducive for
      spiritual growth.

      Hope that isn’t too confusing πŸ˜‰

  3. No Tony, it makes perfect sense. I have come to very similar beliefs by a different path. The conflict I find in every day is understanding that our spiritual growth is of paramount importance, but having to wade through the confusion of life and all its ‘real time’ distractions. It doesn’t stop me from trying, but I feel true enlightenment is smothered by the nausea of modern life.

    • tony says:

      Smothered is exactly right.
      There are those who know that humans are easily distracted, addicted and conform. This knowledge is used to control humanity.

      We could wake up in the next moment, and this is why we are smothered in distractions. Technology has just made this easier.

      Synchronistically I was thinking about this yesterday and the Milgram experiment, of how we conform to those in uniforms.


      • I will of course Google this.

      • I have read through a summary of the experiment and it’s results. It’s no surprise to me. People are easily led, and can be coerced into doing the most horrific of things (Polpots Cambodia for example). But you are refering above to general conformity to to societal norms, which is an area I am very aware of. Most people want to fit in, to belong, to follow the clear path lain out by society. Those that walk their own path often end up on the outside. My grandfather always used to say, never be afraid to be the only one in step. I think what I am trying to say is wisdom comes from learning, and learning is not just understanding what has been written down for you tto read, but comes from what you learn from pushing the bondaries and walking your own path.

        • tony says:

          The problem is that for generations we have been misled into believing and complying. That means our thoughts are not our own.

          Once people have a taste for their spiritual side, which acknowledging consciousness and the pure nature of consciousness, then we are free to chose, rather then just following the crowd.

          Pure consciousness is our origin, realising this we can in fact now be original and inspirational.

          It’s so creative! Unfortunately knowledge is neutral, and can be used to benefit others or manipulate them.

          Corporations and governments know how to control our minds.


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