When Simplicity Becomes Complexity

Ultimately, truth is incomprehensible
because it is non-dual experience.

Comprehension comes afterwards,
when truth is realised.

Words are then sought
to describe the inexpressible.

Ultimate truth is simplicity itself. To the uninitiated, this seems incomprehensible, and thus truth appears complex and mysterious.

We hear or read words, but they can become meaningless and so, more words are sought, while the ultimate truth remains incomprehensible because it is beyond understanding, being non-dual experience. As we are not convinced about our true reality, the ‘entertainment officers’ create more words and rituals for us to follow.

At the heart of all spiritual traditions is resting within the pure stillness of silent awareness which is totally empty, free of contrivances. We cannot get simpler than emptiness.

“That sounds boring!” And therein lies the problem: we are not convinced, and so we create complexity and philosophical discussion.

“Why are we so confused?” Because we were born on to a conveyor belt of programming, and our labour is needed in order to keep the conveyor belt moving. Instead of realising that we are enlightened beings, we engage in trivial pursuits.

“But I have to earn a living!” Yes, but be aware that we may be engaged in upgrading our own conveyor belt. Step off the conveyor belt today, and take a rest.

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