Finding What You Are Looking For

There are around 2,360 entries on this blog … probably too many 😀

In ‘Search’ (right at the bottom of the page), try typing a word that comes to mind, and see what pops up. I do this all the time: you’d be surprised at the connections that seem to come out of the blue. I find I have an abstract idea floating around in my mind, and I pick up a random text – and wow! The dots join up, as if like attracts like. Dictionaries are great for this as they expose a deeper meaning of a word.

An example:A common phrase such as, “The truth is in plain sight” may come to mind: I wondered what ‘plain’ meant.
Plain:not decorated or elaborate; simple or basic in character. Having no pretensions; not remarkable or special. Easy to perceive or understand; clear. Hidden in plain sight. 

‘Plain sight’ is nothing other than pure consciousness. There is nothing remarkable or special in this as it is Buddha nature, and we are all Buddha nature. That conclusion is so satisfying.

I find it difficult to believe in the supernatural,
but there is always something in the atmosphere!
😀 😀 😀

The purpose of this blog is to find want is needed, apply it and see if it works. There are some strange ideas being fed into society that divide us from our common sense. When we use words in a limited way, it limits us: this is one reason why different generations may find it difficult to communicate. More and more youngsters are feeling depressed, isolated and pointless. Religions do not seem to be the answer as they just formalise and generalise a set path.

Doublespeak is the complete opposite of plain and simple truth, distorting words and phrases in order to bury a truth. Euphemisms attempt to make certain situations more palatable, deliberately muddying the water. Doublespeak is a deliberately euphemistic, ambiguous, or obscure language that infects the minds of the masses: thoughts and ideas mould us and we become complaint with others’ views.

This blog is just about being aware, and then being aware of awareness; consciousness. Pure consciousness. That is the first and foremost truth. In the Tibetan Nyingma tradition, this is called Dzogchen. You are Dzogchen! That is what you are looking for.

All religions have a element of truth in them, but we tend to become stuck in the decoration and elaboration, and lose the simplicity of pure consciousness. The confusion surrounding elaborations keeps us running back. Realising the essence, we are free.

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