The Importance Of Feeling Jaded

When we feel jaded about our spiritual practice – or any activity for that matter – this is often thought of as being negative. We feel bored or lack enthusiasm, and it all seems pointless: we may even experience depression. And what are we usually told? Try harder! Stick with it! In feeling jaded, we might assume that we’re being lazy because that is what we’re told – but still we find that we just aren’t as wide-eyed and full of awe as those around us.

There is a reason for everything. Gradually, we realise that a particular approach isn’t doing it for us: we may not notice that this jadedness is a precursor to the next step. It is here that something very important is happening. We are either not being taught completely and are just going through the motions, or we have outgrown that orthodox approach, the exoteric approach. It is time to transend to a higher level – something more esoteric – where we move from the exoteric to the esoteric which, in turn, becomes the exoteric for the next stage of esoteric … 😀

Remember that teachings are never just on one level; there are many levels. The God without now becomes the God within. The Buddha out there has become the Buddha within. This means that we now take on responsibility. When the Buddha said, “Do not take my word for the truth; test it for yourself”, these were precise instructions to deepen our experience and realisation.

Feeling jaded is wonderful
as it means change is taking place,
when we have shuffled off ‘this mortal coil’
that is strangling us.

We are not giving up …
we are letting go!

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