The Nature Of Confusion

The nature of confusion is being unaware of our true nature

When we ignore our absolute nature – the timeless presence of pure consciousness which actually sees – we enter a state of unconsciousness consciousness or vacancy, where primitive brain of fight, flight and freeze takes over and runs the show. In other words, we are governed by desire, aversion and indifference. We become so involved in perceptions and associations that they become our reality.

From this misunderstanding, our lives result in a multiplicity of complexity that maintains our confusion and unhappiness. The effect is that we cannot think straight: we can only calculate and manipulate, which becomes our way of life. We cling to our accumulations for a sense of security, but this is a mistaken security as it can be upset.

At any moment, we can step out of this illusion and know knowingness itself. All we have to do is be aware that we are aware; be conscious of being conscious. When we realise that this awareness or consciousness is all there is to know, we will never be confused again. Because of being unaware of our true nature, we do crazy things to fill our lives, which merely compounds confusion and creates suffering.

In truth, we have never been confused, but merely distracted. Once pointed out to us, the moment in which we recognise distraction is the very moment we recognise consciousness that perceives.

Reflecting on this consciousness,
we realise that it is indeed a reflection of pure consciousness:
no confusion, no cry.

Compassion then arises for those who are confused:
know confusion, know cry.

In knowing the nature of confusion, love emerges.

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