Spirituality Is Real Science

We have been led to believe otherwise – that science is real, and spirituality is a fantasy. This is a misunderstanding. For science to exist, there must be a conscious observer throughout: science is all about observation.

All esoteric levels of spirituality refer to perfect spirit of consciousness. This is the scientific approach of realisation as opposed to the exoteric, which is for the many to believe. The esoteric levels have the same completion stage – that we are, and have always been, pure absolute consciousness. It stands to reason that this is how we can knowanything.

True spirituality is science: it is the psychological, practical and systematic study of behaviour through observation and experience. In meditation, we experience our true reality through the microscope of the clarity of mind, which is consciousness itself. This consciousness observes thoughts, so we realised that thoughts are not what we are. We are pure consciousness, but have forgotten this – or ignore it.

When we step back from observing the physical universe, we realise that it has no permanent reality: the only reality is the the constant observation of pure consciousness. Esoteric spirituality is therefore real science.

To see clearly, there has to be clarity present without the scribbles of judgements and thoughts of gain that contaminate whatever is looked for. This is how humans generally work, seeking personal wealth, power, reputation or happiness.

In the exoteric stage, we investigate our spirituality in the hope of something to gain. When we transcend to the esoteric, there is nothing to gain but realisation that we are what we seek. Mechanical science, on the other hand, is all about calculations, manipulations and consequences.

In Buddhism, there are eight worldly concerns that drive us:

Happiness and Suffering

Once we have happiness, fear arises for we are afraid of losing it. When suffering arises, no amount of wishful thinking makes it go away. The more we hope for it to be otherwise, the more pain we feel.

Fame and Insignificance

We are obsessed with fame and afraid of our own insignificance. When it dawns on us how hard we need to work to be seen as someone special, our fear of insignificance is only magnified.

Praise and Blame

We need to be pumped up constantly or we begin to have doubts about our worth. When we are not searching for praise, we are busy trying to cover up our mistakes so that we don’t get caught.

Gain and Loss

Just as we are about to congratulate ourselves on our success, the bottom falls out. Things are hopeful one moment and the next they’re not; in either case, we are anxious.

The more we create, the more the consequences … and so the more we have to create. We are all scientists, much like any animal that has the ability to feather its nest, but when we realise true confidence and inner peace, we can stop looking for yet more feathers.

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