We Are The Product Of Others’ Ideas

Product: the result of a process.

For millennia, humanity has been the product to generate wealth. In recent years, technocracy – the control of society by the elite – has made this even easier. Sentient beings are subject to desire, fear and indifference, and are therefore easily distracted on to a conveyor belt of subservience.

Very few want to escape the entertainment of commercialism: we enjoy the drama, while not knowing that we are being played for fools. We need a shock to wake up from this dream state and realise how we are being processed. The creation and maintenance of distraction has to be intense (which is the job of the media) as, at any moment, we can wake up.

We have to make time to see! This is not about waking up to the trouble we’re in; it’s a matter of waking up to our holding on to the charade. In one moment, we can be free by simply acknowledging that we have been ignoring this predicament. Knowledge is important, but it is clarity that is imperative in awakening to our true being of pure consciousness.

We are actually here to upgrade awareness and realise that we are enlightened – although, as yet, this is unrecognised, as the world around us has downgraded consciousness.

In taking time to meditate on awareness,
we will see that we see,
and have always seen and always known.

We see, in the seeing.
We are the divine mirror of enlightenment.

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