The Problem With Identifying Fixations

Realisation of our natural, true nature is only obscured by conceptual fixations in the mind. These aren’t easy to spot because it’s what we think we are. Fixations are obsessive attachments which we carry around, and they create our persona, our mask, our fear.

Meditation is the method of stilling the mind to see clearly what the mind is up to; it’s the ability to discern those thoughts and expectations that distract us from being quiet. All we are doing in meditation is noting the state of play where awareness or consciousness is able to be seen clearly. This is the precursor to the realisation that conscious awareness is our only reality, and it is then that it is referred to as pureconscious awareness, as it is free of adulteration.

Once this clear view is established, our behaviour when interacting with others becomes our teacher – our spiritual teacher. In that moment, we become selfless. ‘Spiritual’ is nothing other than pure consciousness or empty awareness: we are reminded that we are not just this physical body or concepts in the mind, as these are merely a vehicle for consciousness.

When we can recognise whatever is taking place in our mind – the programmes we have adopted – we may become angry or feel guilty but, with a little help, we start to see the funny side of being stuck in a groove. It’s no big deal any more – everyone is stuck in some sort of groove and repeats the same things, over and over again. This is where empathetic compassion arises and we can be generous, patient, conscientious, disciplined, focused and … wise … as we now know how we all hold on to a self image.

All we need is honest courage:“To thine own self be true, And it must follow, as the night the day, Thou canst not then be false to any man.”

Fixations create fear, and fear creates dis-courage-ment.

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