It’s All Very Enlightening

We are here to realise our enlightened reality. Life itself is our teacher, once we recognise that this is so. Human teachers can only help us recognise the inner teacher of our own recognition. The outer teacher of all phenomena then shows us our reactions that obscure our enlightened reality. True enlightenment is when recognition is continuous.

Milarepa, the famous Tibetan yogi, had nettles outside his cave that stung him every day when he went past. The thought arose, “Cut them!” but then he realised that cutting them was merely a pleasant distraction. To us, that may sound extreme, but then Milarepa did achieve enlightenment in one lifetime. If we cannot put up with stings (!) and arrows of outrageous fortune, but become distracted and attached to these distractions, then enlightenment will remain a long way off.

When we reach the same stage as Milarepa, all social comforts, acquisitions and occupations have dropped away. As town yogis, we do what is necessary but avoid indulging in more than we need.

The path to enlightenment isn’t to create comforts: it takes cheerful discipline.

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