Hmm … Reincarnation?

In studying the Dharma, one continually reviews what is meant and how it works. Investigative spirituality is a sustained refinement, which means that whatever was satisfying and comforting becomes no longer so, but is replaced by something more accurate … until another comes along!

We do not remember previous incarnations, although some may claim to.

The point is that, if we cannot remember past incarnations now, then in a future incarnation we will not remember what we are now. So if consciousness does move on, we wouldn’t know it, and we will be in the same dilemma then as we are now 😀

We can only hope or believe that rebirth will be a refinement, but belief is not satisfying – I do not believe in beliefs! This consciousness may be reborn without detailed memories, but there will be a propensity of some sort, as we have propensities now; we are inclined in certain directions.

We cannot know, but there is an implied proposal. Whether others see it one way or another is up to each individual.

It maybe useful psychology to be aware that, in the future, this consciousness will have a better start in life in order to continue to undo all confusion and realise what is called complete omniscient enlightenment. In the meantime, we can be enlightened about out reality, and live in that reality rather than a dream state of concepts.

“But reincarnation is a concept!” True … unless I died a moment ago and am now renewed. It all depends on how we view the life of consciousness. It is this moment of consciousness that is the precursor to the next moment of consciousness: if we live in this moment now, we constantly drop what we know for the next moment to arise. We therefore die to live. This moment of enlightenment paves the way for the next moment of enlightenment: conversely, this moment of confusion paves the way for the next moment of confusion … is life getting better or worse?!

Whatever will happen in the future is happening now: the good heart of pure consciousness never changes. In the meantime, this consciousness can be happy with whatever occurs now, giving future consciousness more enlightened opportunities.

The future is dictated by the state of our mind.
The future is always now.

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