Seeing That We See: That’s What It’s All About
Being conscious of being conscious.

We are here in a human form to realise our true nature of ethereal reality. The pure conscious nucleus of intelligence. To accomplish this, we need merely food, shelter and the company of like-minded people who can share inner knowledge.

We have, however, been born into mysterious, complex cultures which promote the idea of improving our illusions to achieve happiness. This attraction to desire turns our attention away from our ultimate goal of self-realisation, and we learn to accumulate, argue and mistrust. This mistrust creates divisions, -isms and dependency.

In realising that we are consciousness itself, we reduce our need to be led by others into a complex life. When we rely on others to tell us their truth, we lose our power to actually realise pure spontaneous consciousness of independence.

As long as we consent to being treated like four years olds, we will remain subservient to others.

Better to see that we can see for ourselves.
Best if we realise that we are what we seek.

The Buddha did say,
Don’t take my word for it; test it for yourself.”

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