Life Of A Thousand Traumatic Cuts

Trauma is normally thought of as a deeply distressing or disturbing experience that leaves a long term effect on our mind. We may think that this is a rare occurrence of those in extreme circumstances but, when we look more closely, we see that everything we have encountered leaves some sort of mark, residue or wound in our consciousness. It is how we learn, after all.

This isn’t about being over-sensitive or playing the victim. It’s about being aware of living in a collective ignorance of our true reality. These wounds are actually our path to enlightenment, and manifest as an empathetic understanding for others.

Our problem is being stuck in an idea of our normal. We are so used to this normalthat we don’t realise that we all have a clear path to enlightenment. The path is clear because, through the practice of meditation, we see the cause of our confusion and the traumas that creates.

We arrive at a moment when we realise that what we were told by others was merely them holding on to their traumas. Although a trauma is usually a disturbing experience, there are also sentimental trauma, educated trauma, career trauma, relationship trauma … everything leaves a impression, and these impression are the cause of our pretend world. When we arrive at non-thought in non-meditation, there is a realisation that we have always been that clear reality.

Recognising trauma is a wake up call. Waking up is merely a sequence of realisations and letting go-es. We are not victims; we are authors of our destiny. We are authentic beings, not copies.

It is the recognition of imperfection that is the perfection.
Re-cognise = already known.

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