How We Sentence Ourselves

Whatever views, thoughts, concepts, opinions and fixations we hold on to at this moment will be the basis of our next moment and, for most of us, our entire lives, unfortunately. Holding on to thoughts that we have acquired from others is our sentence and imprisonment. None of our thoughts are original: we acquire and react … and repeat. Holding onto thoughts is not the same as having thoughts.

Having a thought and being able to analyse and question, means that we can discern what is beneficial and what is harmful. ‘Beneficial’ means leading to happiness, while ‘harmful’ means causing unhappiness. To be able to progress and refine understanding, we have to be prepared to drop and set free our fixations, our set ideas about the meaning of life. This is how move up the scale of evolution. 😀

“Oh! Oh! You just want us to have your ideas! Mmm?”
Not at all. Just be aware of the power that thoughts and emotions have over us.

Once the mind is free of fixations – or, at least, we are awareof fixations – then the pattern of our life can change. If we cannot or do not change our view, then we become stuck in a rut, a groove of our own making. We’re surrounded by groovers who are digging their own graves. 😀 😀 😀

Groove: Middle English (denoting a mine or shaft): from Dutch groeve ‘furrow, pit’; related to grave.

Life has a meaning and our mind has a function, which is to realise what we are, in reality. Life isn’t just maintenance and entertainment; that is the formula for the corporate coffers. Life it is about freedom to have time and space to get out of the mould and realise that we have the ultimate power of enlightenment.

Formula: from Latin, diminutive of forma; ‘shape, mould’.

Corporations, intellectuals and religions provide us with ideas so that we can be free. Really?! That is their trap, and we fall for it every time because we hope. The truth is that we are already free, but if we are told this, we think it’s something extraordinary.

Unfortunately, we have become so used to the prison that we hardly notice it anymore. The secret is that when we are fed up with this prison, we can just walk out. They don’t tell you that, do they? What is truly extraordinary is that we choose to stay locked up in a mould, in a groove. Amazing!

Once we realise that we are free, we then have to recognise that the situation we are in now is due to past fixations and grooves. As we recognise and stop reacting, these fixations and grooves – our karma – smooth out, no matter what occurs. We still have to maintain this body, but it is no longer a chore; it’s play. Once we can play nicely, we can play nicely with others, and life is full of meaning.

I used to wonder why people ran around doing and saying meaningless things as if these were important. Now I know. They cannot help their-self. ‘They’ are pure consciousness. Their ‘self’ is an addiction to fixated ideas to which pure consciousness sticks.

This feeling of imprisonment has no reality.






… this blog just hit the 2500tharticle, saying the same thing over and over! 😀

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