How Do Demons Think?

How do demons think?
You know.
And you know you know šŸ™‚

Demons aren’t something over there; they’re right here. Demons are our own desire, anger, fear, jealousy, pride.

Our demons are created the moment when we forget our true nature of pure awareness ā€“ and to realise that we have become demonic is a bit of a shock. We think that demons are outside our experience while we actually entertain them, as demons feed off emotions, opinions and gossip.

Demons aren’t scary as they don’t actually exist. It’s all in the mind.

ā€œWe are free in the moment of just seeing.ā€
Tulku Urgyen

ā€œRecognise our true nature.
Decide on that one point.
Gain confidence in that point.ā€
Garab Dorje

Circumstances no longer overtake us;
they are now our teacher.
No challenge, no progress.

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3 Responses to HOW DO DEMONS THINK?

  1. Ben Naga says:

    Another awesome post. Thank you.

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