Why Are We Are So Busy?

It is not difficult to reason that we have consciousness, and to reason that consciousness has to be pure consciousness in order for us to see perfectly clearly. This consciousness is, in fact, our pure state of being. We don’t have to engage in complex methods to be conscious; we just have to be aware that awareness is always present.

It isn’t easy to remain in this pure state as there are many distractions that prevent us from seeing clearly – and because we don’t see clearly, we remain distracted 🙂

Why are we so busy, and so do not see clearly?
Because we conform to others’ standards of entertaining ourselves.

There is nothing religious, spiritual or poetic about our ultimate nature: it is unconditional love. We may make elaborate manifestations of expression, as long as these point to our ultimate nature directly, and do not confuse. Every realised person has their own expression which is helpful to others, but every realised person has had personal experience beyond elaborate names and elaborate forms.

We have to figure it out for ourselves.
Time and space allow the mind/consciousness to see.

“But I have no time to sit and practise!”
You have no time to be conscious?

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