The Effect Of Feeling Unworthy And Inadequate

The effect of feeling unworthy and inadequate is that we become half hearted and disconnected, and may even give up. Many religious and spiritual set-ups are so theatrical in their appearance that students become just an audience. This may feel good for a while, but then we are bound to return for another performance. And what happens after going to a show or film? We return home believing we are the characters, and of course this charade does not last.

The story is all about our true reality. We are living Dharma, and know everything there is to know for enlightenment. Whatever we feel about our self and our life is part of the act; the show is actually taking place within consciousness. This self is an actor, a persona, a mask. Pure consciousness is the witness, the audience. Everyone is acting and reacting. All pure consciousness can do is be aware.

When we realise we are “that which is not”, liberation occurs. That which is not some thing is pure consciousness, beyond all ideas about a self.

When we realise that pure consciousness is worthy of recognition, we just get on with our lives – consciously. The fewer our needs, the richer we are. Our path is our confusion. A path should not add to our confusion: it should eliminate it. Never give up on your self as it tells you (pure consciousness) all you need to know. Our whole reality is the unity of self, playing to pure consciousness. When the actor (self) realises it is being watched, it upgrades its responsibility to act for the benefit of others.

The only thing that makes us feel unworthy
is forgetting our true nature.

We are the reality that we seek.
We are also the love that we seek.
We are the Dharma that we seek.

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  1. Indira says:

    Thanks for this post.

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