We Don’t Have To Obsess About Dzogchen

I did …

We seek the truth because we aren’t satisfied with the world in which we live, so we join an organisation or become attached to set of ideas. Groups use different words about the same subject, and a particular word may attract us. There is nothing wrong with words, but they are just words. These words may be Dzogchen, Mahamudra, dharmakaya, shunyata, Dao, Zen, turiya, unity, not two, non-duality … the list is endless. There is no magic in the words or sounds themselves, save that they are a reminder or a symbol of something. But then again, groups cling to words, so we find that we still have to look further, and that is why the wise who know say, “Do not take my word for it.”

Our ultimate nature is pure, empty consciousness. We can call it what we want in our own language, but the realisation is beyond, in pure experience. The magic is in the realisation, in knowingness, and the world changes from darkness to light. We become more sensitive to the light! We see potential everywhere. This ‘I’ loves Dzogchen, but this ‘I’ has to go beyond the word to realise the non-duality of Dzogchen (or God).

We are told that Buddhism can only be destroyed from within. Now, this can be a either political statement or a wisdom statement. As a political statement, this may refer to internal struggles and the weakening of the teachings, but as a wisdom statement, it is that, in the ultimate reality of pure consciousness, there is no Buddha, no Buddhism, no me, no world, no other. The ultimate disappointment … and relief.

Neti, neti, not this, not this.”
All Buddhas know that which is not.

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