Lost. Found. Realised.

When we do not know our true nature, then we are lost in a world of unknowing, and so we busy ourselves in life activities.

When we find out about our true nature, then we are on our path to knowing, and we find time in life to investigate further.

When we realise that we are knowingness itself, we have arrived, and we sustain this realisation which affects the entire way we see life and history.

Proviso 1: Not all paths lead directly to realisation. Followers just use time to busy themselves in upgrading life activities.

Proviso 2: Realisation naturally upgrades life to further realisations.

Proviso 3: We accept whatever comes our way – or doesn’t come our way – in life; it’s all one. It’s all one because all empty appearances and empty recognition are simultaneous. When we awaken to our true reality, that is enlightenment.

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