Confusion Creates Futile Diligence

Confuse: To make someone or something bewildered, more complex and less easy to understand. Confusion: The result of making someone confused.

Spiritual texts suggest that we are confused because we ignore our true reality. Of course this is true, but we are not alone in our confusion – we live in a world of confusion and so we find ourselves engaged in a world of futile diligence, seeking everlasting satisfaction, but only finding titbits.

If we seek satisfaction in accordance with conventional standards, we get nowhere and those titbits never last. We just tread water, while feeling that we are doing something. Conventional standards are not set by us; they’re set by the Dream-Team. The dream-machine create all our beliefs and illusions.

“Ignorantia juris non excusat” is Latin for “Ignorance of law is no excuse”.  It is a legal principle holding that a person who is unaware of a law may not escape liability for violating that law merely because they were unaware of its content. This is exactly what karma is: we repay – ­although not in monetary terms – by changing our attitude to get out of the karmic jail!

Spiritually, ‘law’ is about putting a misunderstanding right. Violating or obscuring pure consciousness (our true nature) creates suffering of some sort, and we pay with consequences = karma. The payment required is to realise what we have been doing, and we repay the debt when we stop doing it. 😀

Conforming to others’ standards – however high faluting they are – will result in more of the same confused righteousness. If we don’t understand, or are unaware of the essence of our reality, then we are subject to conventional laws of cultural desires and aversions. We are ruled by our consent, and we hope that all is fair and will turn out right. Unfortunately, the Dream-Team has its own hidden rules.

If we do not know the truth but only believe in truth, this creates a dream state of samsaric existence. Samsara is wanting to find happiness and satisfaction without realising that we are the creators of our own suffering if we settle for conventional happiness. We have fallen into the belief of others and gone along with it, believing it is our belief. Don’t get too close to people: you might catch their dreams 😀

As long as we are ruled by beliefs and never given the full picture (speaking conventionally and spiritually), we will be subjected to abuse, because the picture is corrupted and we join the violation. If we go through the same routine as others, we will get the same result, believing that this is what life is all about.

It is the same with meditation. As long as we feel we are doing meditation, we will never realise what meditation is for – to realise empty awareness.

Confusion creates futile diligence.
Futile diligence create confusion.
That is Samsara.

The natural law in the universe is desire and aversion. It is not a law that we want to hold on to, as this law obscures our reality and causes harm. Fortunately, it also leads to enlightenment! When we recognise what we are being governed by – desire and aversion – we realise that we are free.

If we do not think for ourselves,
then others will do the thinking for us.

I slept, and became a dream-follower.
Following the dream-makers, I became a dream-keeper.
I awoke, and realised the dream is an illusion.

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