The Scales Fall From Our Eyes

“Immediately, there fell from his eyes something like scales, and he received his sight at once.” Acts 9:18, New King James Version.

Let the “scales fall from our eyes”. What does that really mean? How are we blind, and then can see? It doesn’t mean we’re literally blind; we are blind to the truth.

We are blind when we are constantly calculating, weighing up and relating to preconceived ideas, and can find no inner peace. While we are calculating, we are blind to pure experience. When the ‘scales fall from our eyes’, we see, recognise the truth and find inner peace. We are no longer deceived by constantly measuring our place in the pecking order. 😀

This perpetual calculating creates pride and jealousy which cloud our mind. Pride and jealousy are created by our desires and fears which are, in turn, created by our ignoring pure seeing, pure experience in the first instant; we are constantly calibrating our worth rather than experiencing our pure essence.

When the scales fall from our eyes we see more clearly.

When we experience pride, we think we are above others, but clarity tells us that whatever we think we know, others will find out in their own good time. There is no race or competition: I’ve received knowledge from spiritual teachers, and babies just born will also find that knowledge in their own good time.

When experiencing jealousy, we think that others know more than us, but we too will know what they know in our own good time. Whatever we actually admire about others means that that very recognition is a quality within us too.

When I first took up seeking the truth, people would say such marvellous things … so I read the books that they read, and went to the same teachings, and now I know what they know. It is the knowledge that is special, not the person. There is no race or competition.

What is this special knowledge that opens our eyes? It is in the pure hearing and experiencing when we realise, in that first moment where nothing else is present, that that is what we are. Spontaneous presence. It has no name, and saying a name detracts from the pure realisation of absolute consciousness.

Have a happy Christmas, and enjoy others’ enjoyment.


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