How Is Everything An Illusion?
And why is this a problem for us?

The illusion isn’t the problem:
it’s believing and clinging to the illusion that binds us.

We can have fun with illusion
– like blowing pretty bubbles in the air –
without taking it too seriously.

Life is perception. And there you go … that’s where the problem lies! Whatever is perceived isn’t the reality as that constantly changes; that which perceives, however – consciousness itself – is the reality. We are pure, direct, unchanging consciousness.

Consciousness interprets perception by judging, and believes that judgement to be right. Perception takes place in the mind – in consciousness – so reality is in the essence of mind. Everything perceived does not have a permanent, inherent existence and so cannot be said to be real. It only seems to be real … in the mind.

Why is this a problem for us?

It tricks us into a subtle deception under which we then live, basing our existence on the concepts of others, which are no more than pretty bubbles in the air.

It’s like choosing to live in a cinema, or in front of a computer screen. The actual reality is consciousness, rather than what is perceived. If we take one step back, we realise that consciousness is direct consciousness, pure consciousness, and it is here that our life change, and we stop belonging to those bubbles in the air.

The more we believe, the more emotional and unstable we become, until our bubble bursts.

Life is like watching a magician at work. A magician has skill to transfer our consciousness away from the reality. We – the audience – half-believe in the trick while half-knowing it’s a trick. Preferring to be entertained, we go along with this performance, this illusion, becoming caught up in the theatrics. We then come out of the show and back into our show, our ‘business as usual’, chasing the next bubble.

I’m forever blowing bubbles,
Pretty bubbles in the air,
They fly so high,
Then like my dreams,
They fade and die.Fortune’s always hiding,
I’ve looked everywhere,
I’m forever blowing bubbles,
Pretty bubbles in the air.”

Our desires are always just out of reach. This creates a false idea, a belief, a longing for an ideal, when we are living the illusion that we are what we think. Our mind is bombarded with pretty music, pretty games, pretty sport, pretty news, pretty politics, pretty religion, pretty education, pretty fashion … all of which we believe are important to us.

And so we get by.

If this is all we want, then we get more of the same, and it becomes our addiction. We obsess about the game show, when the truth is that the only thing that is real about an illusion is that it is an illusion.

Recognising that everything takes place in the mind is the release we seek from the confusion and turmoil of life. We are no longer overrun by thoughts.

Being real is stepping outside collective thinking. Life becomes our teacher, and the lesson is one complete spiritual practice in non-distraction. We can be aware of plays in the mind while not believing in them. Everything comes to pass.

We are that which cannot be imagined.
We have always been beyond imagination.
Even pure consciousness is an illusion.
There is only pure experience,
without an experiencer.

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