Why Do People Believe?

Ever wondered why so many people believe in a God? Perhaps we should look at world history 5,000 years ago. Was it a political aim to control the masses through belief? Did that have the effect of creating a more subtle belief? If we believethat others’ beliefs are ridiculous, we consider them to be wrong, and that becomes a part of the belief scenario. Thinking something is ridiculous might make us feel superior, while we ignore the truth within all of us.

5,000 years ago, in the area of Iran/Persia, there were two groups; the Aryans and the Zoroastrians.

The Zoroastrians believed in God the creator, and this led to Judaism, Islam and Christianity – and all their variations.

The Aryans realised consciousness to be the source of creation. That understanding migrated to northern India and led to the Vedic system, early Hinduism and Buddhism – and all their variations.

The rest of humanity believed in the ideas of survival and entertainment given to them.

To look for the truth, we need personal investigation rather than personal assumptions that are merely reactions to others’ beliefs. There is truth in everything if we look in the right way and, for that, we need to recognise and value consciousness itself.

The enquiry into consciousness is all about what we actually are; that which is beyond this body/mind consciousness – pure consciousness, ultimate consciousness, god consciousness.

There is much truth in the Bible and other spiritual texts, but we have to be aware of how this may have been elaborated and exaggerated – and watered down. Spiritual text has to be practical, and never a belief. Spirituality has been presented as a belief by those who do not see – or want us to see – clearly. Once we give up belief and addiction to the contents of our mind, we will all realise that the very nature of consciousness is pure and uncontaminated. We are pure consciousness, ultimate consciousness, god consciousness.

What is the purpose of life, the universe, and everything?
We are the ultimate answer
to the ultimate question.

It’s so simple, we won’t believe it!

(Ever wondered why, in polite company, we’re told never to discuss religion or politics? If we consider this ‘one’ subject, we may discover the truth – that’s if people can put their prejudice away for a moment. If we keep making assumptions, we remain in a fantasy. We are so easily programmed: equally, we are so easily awakened – and that’s why there are so many distractions 😀 )

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Indigenous people have always believed in gods or spirits, but one God seems more organised.

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